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We are experienced in trading, fuel, gold, cement, water and biofuels with operations and accounting, coordinating trades from reliable sources over the commodities industry. Our clients are supplied with market data and product information from the key areas of the market sector with importance to to trade file on an historical basis. Clients have access to our research team, 5 days a week via the Internet. 

Mitigating Risk at all Levels

Employing A.I. predictive technology and up-to-date research and electronic order entry systems for futures and options trading, U.S. Commodities provides our clients the tools needed for risk management.

Our Services Include:

  • Risk Management

  • Gold, Silver, Energy Investing and Hedging

  • Bio-Fuel Hedging (Biodiesel, Biogas, BioJet)

  • Opening Review / Text Service

  • And Much More

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