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Exchange Traded Fuel

Jet Fuel, Gasoline, Diesel, Fuel Oil and BioFuels are the primary refined petroleum and renewable fuels we trade via our physical exchange, TradEx Fuel Exchange.

We work with refinery producers, bulk fuels wholesalers & independent traders, and bio-fuel companies to support their marketing, hedging and trading / distribution needs.

Exchange Traded Physical Fuel


Various fuels are offered via US Commodities from our strategic partner, TradEx Fuel Exchange; these include refined fuels - Jet Fuel, Gasoline, Diesel, Fuel Oil & BioFuels.

As the #1 traded commodity on the planet, refined fuels are the benchmark for most portfolios of wealth managers, but most focus on the futures sector. Those that seek immediate profits switch to the physical fuel opportunities, yet are unaware of what it truly takes to acquire, trade and make a profit from physical fuel trading. Like in the Real Estate sector - location, location, location... - in the physical trade sector for fuels, it's all about logistics, logistics, logistics. Can you receive the fuel (storage) and can you move the fuel (shipping). With these two vital elements, all the fuel in the world and the money to buy it won't help you.

TradEx provides exchange-traded physical fuel; its trade desk is designed to track the daily price movements of refined fuels across all indexes and trade platforms, including Platts, OPIS, Argus, the ICE, NYMEX, Bloomberg and other smaller platforms. TradEx issues trade tickets that may be purchased and distributed or sold on the physical markets as long as the buying party can produce evidence of ability to receive fuel stocks.


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